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Re: Citation à comparaitre de M. FINKIELKRAUT (Score: 0)
par le 10 janvier 2006

Brothers and Sisters , Fienkelkrauft is racist and a blood sucker. He is no danger to struggling people, because they will make an good example of how to discipline a looser who provoked nigers in public. It all depends on us, black community in France, we have to do things and make sure that we complete them. People who come to insult our intelligence must be put before the law and be judged accordingly. We must stand firm, fight must go on, let us make sure that this case of a blood sucker is being examinined and that victory shall lay on our hands. Those of us who can follow the case and sue our enermies. Be encouraged to act as rapid as possible, complaints will bring nothing to us but doing better will improve the situation in the land of Black deppression.

Something is not right. This message is just to keep things from messing up down the road